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Creative & strategic implementation is our game


Systems-Based Consulting & Development

We help organizations in all stages of the ideation cycle from INNOVATION to IMPLEMENTATION to ITERATION

About Malia


Dr. Malia J. Smith

President & CEO

Dr. Malia J. Smith graduated with distinction, receiving her doctorate degree in education from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.  Her scholarly work revolves around cultural impacts upon behavior and self-efficacy.  She also has a masters in corporate communication and a professional certificate in organizational change management.

Moving into the sustainability arena was a natural step for Dr. Malia J. Smith, as her education and eclectic background paved the way.

About Malia

Besides working as a consultant, she is currently the assistant dean for the General Education program at HPU and actively participates in curriculum and professional development, student mentoring, program and learning assessments and institution-wide strategic planning. In addition to her administrative duties, she is also a professor teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Communication including (but not limited to):

  • Integrated Advertising & Public Relations
  • Integrated Promotional Marketing & Management
  • Creativity in Advertising & Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • PR Writing
  • Business Communication

Areas of Expertise

Professionally, she has an extensive background in management, marketing and organizational change and development and has provided services to various organizations, schools, political congressional candidates and governmental agencies. Prior to working at HPU, Dr. Smith held different executive positions including:

  • Vice President of a research firm
  • Chief-of-Staff for a Hawaii State Senator
  • News Director for six radio stations on Maui
  • In serving the community, Dr. Smith acts as the Board President for Sustain Hawaii, and is a member of the Prince Kuhio Hawaiian Civic Club.

Based on Dr. Smith’s scholastic and professional experience, she is a qualified systems-based thinker that provides quality services to her clients.

Multiple Bottom-Line Analyses & Benefits


Multiple Bottom-Line Analyses & Benefits


Our Services

We understand that organizations are dynamic and complex systems with many interactive parts creating one functioning unit.  Thus, we are prepared to provide innovative systemic solutions that are cyclical, rather than reacting to specific cause and effect linear processes.  Our arsenal of services include strategic marketing and communication planning, organizational change, culture building, leadership training , innovative and creative development and sustainability assessment and planning.


Our Strategy

Our systems-based approach provides long-term effectual solutions that enrich the triple bottom line. In meeting the needs and building self-efficacy among the stakeholders within an organization, greater emphasis can be placed upon moving toward a sustainable future.



Our Strengths

Our extensive research in systems-based thinking coupled with over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, communication, organizational change management and sustainability planning make us strong leaders in the industry. Our education, experience and network provides the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure our effectiveness in all stages of the ideation process.

About us


Our Company

Sustainable Ideation, LLC is a systems-based consulting and development firm that helps organizations improve their performance, people and profits through research and analyses of existing problems. Through our awareness, knowledge and experience with emerging sustainability trends and industry “best practices”, we are able to successfully transfer these conventions to our clients. Our comprehensive Integral Corporate Sustainability Model guides our methods in identifying problems, creating solutions and implementing effective changes. This model is used as a basis for our decisions in helping organizations develop more effective and efficient ways of performing their tasks and caring for their people.

We provide services along the entire ideation continuum while using a systems-based lens. Our services include such things as: direction and support in the generation and development of new ideas; business formation; strategic marketing and communication planning and development; operational improvement services; organizational change management assistance; and technology implementation.


As businesses are the most powerful change agents in the world, our vision is to transform organizations to help optimize the global economy as determined by the laws of thermodynamics by balancing short and long-term needs of all living things with the planet’s finite natural resources.


Our mission is embedded in our name…IDEATION.

We gather the INPUTS of an organization to DISCOVER and EXAMINE the APPLICATIONS that become the THROUGHPUTS that enhance their triple bottom line, which are then INTEGRATED in the internal and external operations to develop OUPUTS for the stakeholders whom will provide NEW INPUTS as lessons learned for the organization to continue innovating and improving their goods and services.

I = Inputs (data gathering)
D = Discover (data clustering)
E = Examine (identify patterns of information)
A = Applications (define and determine the uses of patterned information)
T = Throughputs (internalize and prototype the uses)
I = Integrate (combine internal and external strategies)
O = Outputs (deployment of goods and/or services)
N = New Inputs (consumer feedback on level of needs satisfaction)


Integral Corporate Sustainability Model



Needs-based theory of human development

The will to live and improve quality of life is based on our innate drive to maintain or increase pleasure, and reduce or eliminate pain. Self-interest(4).

Pleasure =

Satisfied Need

Pain =

Unsatisfied Need


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Contact us

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